10 things you must know to know when traveling to India (Part 1)

India is one of the most vibrant, colorful, and interesting places to visit in the world. The diversity in people, culture and cuisine makes it a worthwhile destination for any visitor.

Here are 10 traveling tips to make sure your next trip to India goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Do not wear revealing when going to the sacred place

Muslims strictly forbid believers to wear clothes that are too short and revealing when entering the cathedral or place of worship. Some churches also require women to wear Muslim clothes before entering the mosque. And before entering the church, shoes should be left outside.

2. Men and women do not hug and kiss in crowded places

In this country, women on the street must cover their faces, embrace, cuddle, and men and women holding hands in large numbers of people are condemned and banned in this country. If you do not want to be offended, it is best to avoid showing affection towards each other in crowded people, especially when going to places of worship, sacred temples.

3. Do not dress revealing when on the street to avoid sexual harassment

According to statistics, India is the country with the highest rate of sexually abused women and children in the world. Because of cultural influence, most Indian men have wrong sexual perception about foreigners.

Therefore, to avoid sexual harassment, you should wear discreet clothing when walking on the street, not revealing because this is the reason you can be assaulted and sexually harassed.

4. Be careful in using hands and feet

The Indian people think that the head is in the most dignified and noble position and the foot is the lowest, dirtiest part of the body. Therefore, when entering an Indian house, you must remove slippers outside, keep your feet clean, and do not use your feet to step on anything in the homeowner’s house.

Besides, a taboo in India you must avoid, do not use your left hand to eat, and do not use your left hand to give anything, especially offerings to indigenous people.

5. Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims during the Ramadam fasting month

If you go to India and the Muslim region during the Ramadam fasting month, you won’t eat or drink anything in front of Muslims. Because of this, proving you do not respect them, you will have a lot of trouble because of this.