Beach Destinations In India (Part 2)

Palolem Beach, South Goa

Talk about beaches in India, it isn’t complete without talking about Goa, featuring the amazing panoramic views from the beaches which is a major attraction for travellers from all round the world. Located between the Angoda beach in the north side and the Patnem beach in the south side, the Palolem Beach is semicircular in shape and is covered by dense coconut forests. Like most beaches in India, Palolem Beach is unofficially divided into two parts, in which the northern part is the family beach and the central and southern part is famous for all the parties hosted.

Palolem Beach is a combination of relaxation and lazing off. If you expect to enjoy a leisurely vacation or an adrenaline rush, you can always find something here that suit you such as go fishing, dolphin spotting, and go trekking to Butterfly Island

The main tourist time in Goa is from early October to May when the temporary, traditional coco huts built on the beach as shelter to the tourists seeking the complete Goa experience. There are a number of shacks and shops which sell food, beverages and local cuisines. The nearest railway stations are Margao and Cancona which can be easily accessed by autos and cabs.

Life at the beaches is not always as beautiful as it looks in films. There is sand and water everywhere, dumped garbage by careless tourists on the streets and you can have a sunburn if you are not cautious to bring sun cream. But the truth is, despite all the problems, beaches offer the most depict experience one can possibly wish for.

So stop screaming and go have the time of your life at one of beaches mentioned above and it’s a guarantee that you will fall in love with these magical places of India and soon want to return.So what do you think? Is the beach life attracted to you?