Complete guide you should know before travelling in India (Part 1)

Travel to India, to a country known for its colorful and mysterious culture, always attracts many tourists who are passionate about exploring, as well as want to enjoy the natural beauty, architecture, and interesting features. of cuisine.

For the cheapest and most complete Indian travel, please refer to the information below, which will be very helpful for your travel plan to one of the earliest cradles of human civilization!

India has three seasons of the year including summer, rainy season, and winter. Summer (from March to May) is the harshest season, the temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius, you will always feel hot and dry, regardless of day or night temperature fluctuations are negligible, so it’s pretty hot at night.

If you plan to go to India in the summer, avoid being outdoors for too long and have to keep hydrated. During the rainy season (June to October), like other tropical countries, India rains continuously and prolonged leading to flooding in the lowlands, if you come to India around this time, it will be very difficult and dangerous to visit planned destinations.

You should travel to India in the big festival

Winter (from December to February next year) is the most beautiful season and the right time to travel the year in India, cool weather is a bit chilly at night. Because this South Asian country has highly differentiated weather according to the terrain and the region is very clear, so while the South is never cold, the coldness of the North and the Himalayas is not tolerable by everyone.

You should travel to India right on the occasion of great festivals while watching the landscape and discovering the beauty of local culture. Besides, do not miss Indian festivals such as light festival, color festival, Ganesha festival… to have a complete experience of the human culture here!

Which hotel should I choose in India?

The problem of accommodation for each trip always makes many tourists have a headache, especially when they first set foot in that land. With the speed of the development of information technology, you can be completely assured of choosing a hotel in advance, but please note the following criteria.

No need to be in the city center, but close to important traffic points for the easy bus or taxi pick-up.

Near dining and shopping areas.

Preview review of that hotel on online booking pages and share travel experiences in India.

The hotel has views overlooking the Taj Mahal.