Globally popular sports originating in India (Part 1)

India is rapidly emerging as a global superpower in the world of sports, brushing off the popularity of just mobile phones and playing in other gaming territories. This is not surprising for a country that has given birth to so many popular sports in the world.

From purely entertaining games to internationally competitive sports, here are a few sports that originated in India and are now popular around the world.


Kabaddi, as a team sport, originated in India. There is a staggering similarity between modern Kabaddi fights and how Abhimanyu was captured by Kauravas. With thrill and excitement dominating every moment of the game, it’s no wonder the sport’s popularity is growing rapidly on the world stage.

Kabaddi, as a team sport, originated in India

Millions of people from 65 countries around the world play this game in many different ways. This sport began to gain a place in modern times since about 1930, then became the national sport BANGLADESH.

Played between two teams of seven players each, the modern form of the game is a mix of several older versions of the same sport.

Kho Kho

Hailing from Maharashtra state, this is one of the most played card games in the country. A game of touch and chase in principle, Kho Kho has been played in ancient times on rituals or chariots and is therefore called Thaya.

As a game deeply ingrained in ancient times, Kho Kho probably has its roots in the battle of Kurukshetra, where one of the popular defensive tactics of the modern sports version is probably used as Ring Play.

Kho Kho probably has its roots in the battle of Kurukshetra

Each stock game is played over two rounds by two teams of 12 players, of which only 9 occupy at once. When a team sits on their knees in the center of the field, with adjacent players facing opposite directions, the ninth member continues to chase to knock down the opponent.

Like kabaddi, a Kho game also involves the obligatory squeals of each pursuer as they touch another member with the back of their hand to continue the chase.

In the international arena, Kho warehouses are growing in popularity over the years. South Asian Federal Olympics. In the Indian subcontinent, in particular, the Kho continued to be widely played, with the sport. this was even included in the Indian Olympic Association.