Indian athletes towards the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games (Part 1)

The hopes of the India Summer 2020 Olympic Games of Indian sports returned to training after more than sixty days of isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

High-performance Indian athletes are back with their forte sports. However, the training activities are still limited and arranged in staggered time to ensure the safety of athletes.

The first athletes to return to training are the athletes of Golf, then the athletes of Athletics and Weightlifting. Athletes will focus on training on the campus of the National Sport Apprentice in Patiala. These athletes have an advantage over the athletes of other sports, the athletes of other sports will start training in late June.

Throwing athlete Shivpal Singh said that returning to training has improved his physical and physical fitness. Before India declared national isolation in March, Shivpal successfully won tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games when competing at the South African Games with a record of 85.47m. Throwing athlete Shivpal Singh said it takes at least two months to be able to return to the previous pace of practice.

Weightlifting athlete Tajinderpal Singh Toor has also tried to achieve 21.45m, surpassing his own national record of 20.92 and also confirmed that it will take time to return to the training trajectory.

Athlete Toor said that it was very unfavorable for me to stop training. The whole process of throwing requires the body to follow the appropriate rhythm. After this break, it will take at least two months to achieve the previous rhythm.

Former World Weightlifting champion Mirabai Chanu is currently focusing on increasing his lost muscle and strengthening his shoulders, back and thighs. For the first two weeks, just focus on this. If there aren’t any international competitions going on this year, at least until December then I need to adjust myself accordingly.