Interesting things when travelling in India in rainy season

Every rainy season in India, tourists are absent on every road. But few people think that this is one of the ideal times to feel a very different India.

After months of hot weather, from about June to September, the moisture from the Indian Ocean blows through the country, the rainy season has arrived on Buddhist country! Let’s explore the exciting things of an India in the rain!

1. Watch the rain come

If you are near the coast, you can clearly see the change in the weather. Initially there were strong winds. The sky and sea turned dark blue and gray. The sky was cloudy and when the rain came, Indians rushed out into the street, dancing on the streets, facing the sun to enjoy the cool drops of water running down their faces.

2. Resort travel

The rainy season in India is an ideal time for resort travel. The summer rains bring balance to the body. Visit the city of Kerala and enjoy massage treatments, grass massages and medicinal plants developed only in the rainy season.

3. Enjoying tea

The time from July to September is the tea harvest season in Darjeeling province, India. The whole hill turned to green and green. At dawn, the whole hill is shrouded in mysterious, fanciful mist.

4. Visit the coastal city of Goa

In the hot season, Goa is the most popular tourist city in India. But when the rainy season comes, the city becomes quieter, the flea market sells items at unbelievably low prices, the deserted beaches are the ideal place to relax. Many festivals are also held in Goa at this time.

5. Enjoy the views on the western slopes of Mount Ghats

In the rainy season, European flamingos fly to the top of this mountain to cool off and escape the impending winter in cold countries. Visitors can choose an eco-tour on Konkan Kada, the highest ridge on the western flank at an altitude of 600 meters to explore the fascinating diversity and biodiversity of mountain flora and fauna in the water season.

6. Sip a cup of French coffee

Indians love French cafes and there are plenty of them in this country. Sitting in a beachfront restaurant, sipping a croissant and a hot cup of coffee, watching the raining rain is an indulgent enjoyment.