Notes and tips you must know when traveling in India

India is a multi-lingual, multi-religious country with many rules. To avoid hassle and have a complete fun trip, you need to keep in mind the following basic notes after arriving in India.


You are not allowed to wear short skirts above the knees, thin, armpits, sandals without backside to the sights are palaces, temples. Note to prepare seasonal clothes offline!

You should not wear short skirts above the knees when travelling in India

In communal places

No whistling, not showing intimate gestures between men and women, women are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, not to climb on the Buddha statue. Do not leave your wallet in the back pocket, because it is easy to pick up. These things are among the guide you should know when travelling in India.

Communicating with Indians

Instead of saying “Hi / Hello”, say “Namaste” to elders. Do not point your hand (considered impolite) and not point at someone’s feet (because feet are considered unclean). Not shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.

Instead, when greeting each other, Indian people often clasp their hands and bow slightly and tilt their heads. Therefore, remember to pay attention to your attire and gestures when coming to India.


Scented flowers are not given (as they are used for Indian funerals). Muslims believe that dogs are unclean animals, so they should never be gifted with dog-shaped or graphic designs on a cathedral; For Hindus who adore cows, eating beef and using cowhide products is taboo.

What to bring

Although the hotel is a 2 – 3 star standard in the world, it will not be as comfortable, so you must bring your personal belongings such as towels, toothbrushes. India uses a 3-pin electrical outlet, if you want to charge your phone or computer battery, please note this point.


Goods of the Court of Justice have good prices and quality, especially spices and handicrafts, but the clothes are a bit flashy.

Notes and tips you must remember when traveling in India. Have a great trip!