Stay away from the following 8 taboos when visiting India (Part 1)

Indian tourism is always attractive for its beautiful natural landscape and unique culture. However, due to being a Muslim country, there are quite a few strict rituals here. If you don’t want to get into trouble then please stay away from the taboos in India that we share in this article.

Do not dress revealing when visiting sacred places

India is a country with many ancient and sacred temples. Anyone coming here would like to visit these places. However, like many other countries, one thing you should keep in mind when visiting temples in India is absolutely not revealing.

In some places, women even require Muslim clothing to enter the gate. And everyone, whether male or female, when entering the cathedral must leave their shoes outside.

Wearing discreet clothes when on the street

Not really taboo in India, take it as useful advice. Because you may not know that India’s rate of sexual abuse among women and children is among the highest in the world. That is the result of cultural misconceptions among most Indian men.

Therefore, when traveling to India, it is better not to dress too revealing if you do not want to face troublesome situations, or even be sexually assaulted.

Stay away from things like beef, cowhide

As we all know, India is a country where the majority of people are Muslim. And in their religion, the cow is considered a sacred animal, occupying a very important role in the spiritual life of the people of this South Asian nation. Therefore, the slaughtering, eating beef here is considered an unethical and illegal act.

If you have bags or anything made from cowhide, leave them at home as well. Absolutely do not bring it to India because if you find out you will have to receive a pretty heavy fine.