Stay away from the following 8 taboos when visiting India (Part 2)

Do not give and accept items with your left hand

In the opinion of the people of this country, the left hand is always considered unclean and is often used to do things like take off shoes, clean the feet…

Hence a taboo in India you should know. When giving or receiving something from a native, it is forbidden to use your left hand. This is considered an impolite act, less civilized.

Pay attention when buying fruit in the market

At fruit stalls in Indian markets, shop owners often trim certain types so that customers can try them before deciding to buy. However, you should keep in mind that it is not advisable to try them. Because markets are often not clean. Bacteria can attack you and have unpredictable consequences.

Do not show excess affection in public

If you are traveling in Western countries, public hugging is a common practice, in India, it is a must-do and should be avoided. If you break it and get caught, you could end up in jail for 3 months. Especially, in famous Indian destinations, tourists should absolutely avoid expressing affection.

Be careful when using hands and feet

If you are invited by an Indian resident, one thing to remember is to remove your slippers before entering. Always keep your feet clean and do not use your feet to step on anything in the house. If you accidentally commit a crime, you need to touch the object with your hand and then bring your eyes closer to apologize.

Another social rule you should know when coming to India is not pointing at other people or anything. This is considered rude and impolite and will immediately be noticed by everyone if you violate it.

Don’t offend Cricket

Cricket is an extremely popular sport in India. And their national team is highly regarded by everyone, even becoming a religion. So, a taboo in India you should remember is not insulting their national Cricket team.

Although there are many things to avoid, Indians are always friendly and hospitable. With a little attention, you will still have a very wonderful experience here.