The unexpected things in Indian culinary culture (Part 2)

The special thing that cannot be ignored is that this curry is a characteristic color of the culinary culture of the Indian people. This curry can process many dishes, can be used fresh, can be dried or powdered to mix into the dish.

The ingredients that make the curry

The special thing about using spices in every Indian dish is probably not using independent spices but combining them into a special mixture. The hardest dish is the curry, which is a combination of 5 main types including cumin seeds, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, chili powder indispensable.

These spices make Indian dishes have a characteristic odor and color, especially it also works to heal and enhance the health of the people of India.

The hardest dish is the curry

There is nothing special about cooking

Cooking style makes beauty in Indian culinary culture, processing of these dishes is influenced by religion. Chicken, goat, sheep, and other seafood are popular foods in India, like Eastern countries, Indians also eat rice, but their cooking style is different.

The rice is stir-fried with butter or oil and then cooked with water, when nearly the main season is added spices such as pepper, cinnamon and served with fish, meat, vegetables …

Rice is the main dish that appears a lot in India

The unique culture of Indian cuisine is curry, this is the dish that the whole world calls its name when it comes to India. The mysterious feature in the curry attracts many culinary enthusiasts. Curry appears in many Indian dishes, such as chicken curry, egg curry, curry vegetables.

Things you may not know

A characteristic of the Indian culinary culture is that the food is steamed, the Indians think that rice is the pearl of heaven, so they have to hold it directly by hand to show respect. Also, the Indians believed in the concept of five fingers representing natural elements such as heaven, earth, air, fire, and water.

Hot-selling culture in India

A special thing in Indian culinary culture is the appearance of buttermilk in each dish, and the Indians are very active in vegetarian to purify the spirit of the Buddhist point of view.

Indians are also very fond of sweet food, because of the influence of religion, so India has a tradition of sweet food. There is even a sugar research institute here, which proves that sugar has a very important value in Indian culinary culture.


Above are the cultural features of cuisine in India that may surprise travelers. Have a nice trip!