The useful tips visitors should know when traveling in India

With unique customs, beautiful landscapes, hospitable people, India tourism increasingly attracts a large number of tourists to choose as a place to relax.

For the most advantageous journey to explore this unique country, do not miss the article providing essential experiences when traveling to India on your own!

1. Travel to India and what you need to know

Are you planning to travel to India during the next holiday season? You want to have convenient travel but do not have much experience? In this article, will share with you some of the most useful Indian travel experiences!

2. The ideal time to travel to India

The climate in India is divided into three distinct seasons: summer, rainy season, and winter. The period from October to March next year is considered the most ideal time to travel to India, the weather is warm, sunny, very suitable for your journey of exploration and fun.

Experience Indian dust tourism if you like cold weather, so coming to India in December to February next year, you will have an experience trip in the Himalayas. If you want to explore southern India, it is advisable to go in after November to avoid the rainy season.

4. Indian food

Indian food has a rather spicy taste and not everyone can enjoy it. You should prepare food in case you can not eat food here.

With street food, when traveling to India, you need to always be careful about food hygiene to avoid stomach pain after eating.

However, there are still specialties in India that you should try once in your life such as Birizza, Tandoori Momos, Fried Idli Chili, Schezwan Dosa, Dosa Khakhra…

5. Other notes when traveling in India

Indians greet each other with the act of clasping hands and bow, when entering the church you should not bring jewelry, especially the ones made of cowhide.

Do not carry a lot of cash, avoid pickpocketing.

Buy bottled water while traveling and check if the shell is intact.

Do not wear offensive or overly personal clothing that attracts the attention of locals.

You should be friendly with the people here as they are very hospitable.

Females are not allowed to smoke in public places in India, nor should you show affection in public.


Above are some useful self-sufficient Indian travel experiences that the article wants to share with you. Wish you have a safe travel journey and many memories in this beautiful country.