Things you need to bring when traveling to India in the summer (Part 2)

4. Wet paper towels

Summer in India is accompanied by sweat and oily skin can lead to a lot of discomfort on your face. Regular washing is a good idea, but you won’t want to wash any kind of water on your face, right? And it’s not a good idea to use drinking water to wash.

Therefore, carrying wet paper towels is something you cannot control for your trip. The refreshing flavors in wet paper towels will give you a clean, refreshing face under the heat.

5. Sunglasses

UV rays are strongest during the summer and they are extremely cruel to your eyes. So, remember to bring your sunglasses before going outside. In addition to UV rays, another factor also affects the color of your eyes.

Some travel centers with rich white or other light reflecting colors can create a problem in viewing. For example, the Taj Mahal, with all its white marble will almost make you dazzled on a sunny day.

6. Cotton clothes

Travel India in the summer you should prepare plenty of clothes made of cotton or linen. If you wear nylon, polyester or any other fancy fabric during the summer in India will only increase the uncomfortable heat. Cotton shirts and long pants (for both sexes) are the best options when traveling to India during the summer!

7. Sunscreen

The bright sunlight makes it easy for your skin to be exposed to sunburn during the day. So, bring a handy sunscreen, evenly apply to your face and arms before going out. If not, make sure you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt so you can roll up your sleeves if needed.

8. Hand washing solution

To keep your hands clean, bring a sterile hand sanitizer with you. Just water is not enough. Only then will you be assured to explore every corner of India without fear.

9. Mosquito repellent

Summer in India is famous for mosquito-related diseases, not to mention the discomfort they cause you! So should bring mosquito repellent cream wherever you go. Bring mosquito protection equipment in your hotel room as possible.

Summer India travel always has its own interesting things, in addition to the weather, this is also an opportunity for you to easily explore this mysterious tropical country in the most comfortable way. Just prepare to bring the necessary items for the trip, there is no hesitation. Wish you have a colorful journey in India.