Reasons why you should travel to India in winter

Indian summers usually start from March to June. Summer in India is very hot, and dry, temperatures up to over 40 degrees Celsius, even some days exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. from June to November. The weather is always wet, even storms and floods occur.

Summer temperatures in India averaged above 40 degrees Celsius

Indian winter starts from December to February. In fact, winter in India is quite cool. Instead of constant rains, the earth was wet, it turned sunny, and the tourist season began here. The average temperature of winter in India is only around 18 degrees Celsius, especially cool during the day and only slightly chilly at night.

India has not only cool winters but also the busiest tourist season in this country. This is also the season where beach tourism is most anticipated in India, when the average temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius.

The beaches with golden sunshine stretch on the white sand slopes, clear blue sky, with a little cloudiness. Dreamy blue sea color. You can visit famous beaches in India such as Lakshweep Islands, Varkala Beach, Gokarna, Annapurna Mellor. Visitors can also participate in activities such as scuba diving, watching coral, canoeing.

Tangtse Gompa Monastery towered over the slopes overlooking the valley below

Especially winter in India is also the best time to be able to visit Rajasthan state – visit the desert city of Jaisalmer. Instead of the scorching sun between hot summer days on May and June, the winter temperature here is moderate.

Moreover, the sunsets and sunrises on the Jaisalmer Desert are also one of the rare beautiful scenes that cannot be found everywhere. In 2020, in the desert city of Jaisalmer, there will be a desert festival lasting from February 7 to 9 with activities such as exhibitions, music, folk dance, camel racing, art fairs… nicely waiting for visitors.

Jaisalmer Desert are also one of the rare beautiful scenes that cannot be found everywhere

Winter is the most suitable time for desert exploration in India

Not only does India answer the question of winter, but this is also the perfect time for you to choose a trip to this billion-population country. Go and feel, you will have a very different view of this sacred religious land and magnificent architecture.