The interesting things to explore when travelling to India in winter (Part 1)

Indian destination attracts tourists by the ancient landscape, along with unique culinary features. So this winter, Indian tourism has something good? What to eat and where to play? Let’s explore right away!

Experience in Rajasthan in winter

Rajasthan is one of the most interesting Indian tourist spots in winter. If you come to this ancient country, the scorching heat of the desert scares you, then visit the royal city of Rajasthan in winter.

Winter experience in Rajasthan, you will encounter many new things, and this place is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for visitors, especially for those who love to explore, they can go on their journey of discovery this wonderful land.

Try winter games at Shimla

Trip winter travel in India will not be complete if it had not come to see the snow in Shimla. The snow here is falling thick and the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, which will add to the beauty and strange appeal of the Queen of Hill station.

What to play in winter tourism?

Travel to India to Shiva Baijnath Temple and Jakhoo Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanumana, is one of the important religious beliefs in India. Meanwhile, Kinner and Kalopa are a paradise for photographers to hunt for pictures of beautiful and romantic white snow-covered hills and deserts.

Rajasthan is one of the most interesting Indian tourist spots in winter

Winter in India is quite cold, enjoy the strong flavor of coffee with delicious dishes at Himachali such as chha gosht, patore, and khoru, or you can participate in exciting activities such as skiing, skiing. bandages will help keep you warm. An interesting feeling makes you do not want to leave once you have entered these interesting tourist destinations in India.

Enjoy winter in Goa

Enjoy a taste of the sea in Goa in winter, a destination as exciting as other places. The beaches in Goa are probably the best Indian tourist destinations, helping you to be able to enjoy the warm sun on cold, rough days.