Some helpful experience when traveling in India

Here are some experience you should know when travelling in India. Let’s have a look at them!

Bargain when shopping

Known as a shopping paradise with countless crafts, gems, jewelry … But, sellers here often look at people who say prices, so foreign tourists are often told prices are higher than average. When shopping in India, tourists should know how to bargain because the price is usually higher. Offer incremental and discarded rates if deemed unreasonable.

Besides, to make shopping more convenient, you should prepare change, because the amount of money can be rounded and the damage is always on you. In particular, if you do not intend to buy goods on the street, you should definitely because the problem of drawing customers here is very common.

As long as your gaze cares about their goods, the seller will follow you until you’re new. Although goods in India are relatively cheap, you still need to bargain to get a good price.

Body language

Unlike the West, a friendly smile, a look or a saying can be seen as an act of flirting in Indian culture. Especially women, need to avoid talking with strange men. If you feel you are “staring” or paying attention, try to stay away and move to a crowded place. You should go in large groups instead of alone or only 2-3 people to stay safe.

The scams

Due to the first time you are not fluent in the destination, the hotel address, the help from the indigenous people is extremely necessary. But if someone approaches and offers to take you to “official government tourism offices” to book tickets, hotels or exchange money, beware of scams. There are many visitors who have said that they had to pay for a package tour but in fact such agents do not exist.

Confident, assertive instead of trying to be polite

This is necessary because being too polite will be considered a sign of weakness in India. In case you are teased, don’t be afraid to scream for help. In addition, you should not be interested in offers and do not pay too much attention to a certain goal.

Above are some tips and experience that can be helpful for your trip in India. Have a great trip!