What time of year should you travel to India?

One of the factors you need to notice when travelling in India is the time, when the weather is the most beautiful and the most cultural activities. When planning travel to India, too, you must be wondering when to go in the year? We will recommend for you.

Indian weather characteristics

Climate in India is diverse and strongly divided by the influence of monsoon and topography. Based on the annual temperature and precipitation, India is divided into seven different climates: the Himalayas, Assam, West Bengal, the Northern Plains, the Western Ghats, the Eastern Ghats and South India. There are three seasons in a year: summer, rainy season and winter.


Time: From March to May

This is a season that all Indians are scared of, because the heat extends from North to South from the mainland to the island waters. By April, many parts of India had a daily temperature of about 40 ° C, sometimes 45 ° C. Northern India was better off with higher humidity and lower temperatures.

Rainy season

Time: Around June to October

The rainy season comes to India according to the monsoon and does not occur all at once. Starting with tropical storms brings intense rain for days. After that, not quite every day, it was sunny but quite pleasant. Rain helps to reduce the temperature somewhat.

Indian farmers have a hard time in the rainy season, when their produce is almost lost due to prolonged rain and floods. Like other tropical countries, the rain suddenly appears, the weather may be very beautiful for a few minutes but soon it can pour down. It is difficult to explore all the famous Indian tourist destinations during the rainy season.


Time: from about December to February next year

Ending the rainy season with a sunny sky around December is also the start of India’s most beautiful tourist season. The temperature is quite pleasant and chilly in the evening.

In southern India, it was never cold, in stark contrast to the cold in the far north, around the Hymalaya Mountains. Winter is the time when many beaches in India come here to relax, party on the beach stretching in Goa. You can visit almost every scenic spot at this time.