Things visitors should buy as souvenirs when traveling in India (Part 1)

India has many fancy goods that attract international tourists. Here you always find new things about a long-standing culture. But does India have something good to buy as gifts for family and friends?

Yes, it does. Here are things that you may buy as gifts when traveling in India.


Indian women consider bracelets, necklaces, and rings as an indispensable part. They wear a lot of jewelry, the richer they wear, the more they wear. Indian jewelry is designed in full color and style unmistakable. If you can’t buy enough sets, you can buy a bracelet, which is also a beautiful gift.

Indian Tea

With a different recipe and high-quality tea leaves, Indian tea is world-famous, so why not buy Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri tea in its own country to return as a gift??

Indian tea is world-famous

Bombay mix

A typical Indian snack, sipping Indian spices in Bombay mix and drinking Indian tea is really delicious.


Saffron pistil, is one of the most expensive spices in the world, of which the top quality Indian saffron has a miraculous nourishing and beautifying effect.


This is a medicinal herb of the ancient Indians, specializing in the treatment of body aches, headaches, colds.

Indian Saree

Indian Saree is the traditional clothing, is a symbol of the lifestyle of indigenous people. Every country also has its own traditional costume to wear on national holidays, major events… As for the people of India, Saree is always the costume associated with them in daily life.

Indian Saree is the traditional clothing of India

Indian Saree is not only beautiful in every pattern but also shows a deep cultural meaning, so you choose Saree as a meaningful gift. Indian women love this costume because they think it is discreet. and fashion. Right! Saree in the West Indies has a very creative design, good fabric, eye-catching designs, and patterns, so they are famous all over the world. Many tourists who book flights to Delhi could not ignore the attractive Saree costumes.