Things visitors should buy as souvenirs when traveling in India (Part 2)

Towel from Kasmir

Kasmir has a soft fabric made from the dragon of the goat pashmina on the Kimalaya plateau. This product is famous all over the world for its softness and smoothness. Anyone who touches a towel loves the pleasant cool feeling. Therefore, visitors always want to have a towel as a gift.

Bodhi leaf

India is the home of all religions including Buddhism. When traveling in this country, do not forget to buy a gift of spiritual meaning. Bodhi leaves will be a meaningful spiritual gift for those who follow Buddhism.

Bodhi leaves will be a meaningful spiritual gift

When you come to Bodha Gaya land to visit the bodhi tree, the Buddha Shakyamuni once sat, you will have a chance to buy a plant leaf. The bodhi leaves that you can buy are fallen bodhi leaves, waiting to be picked up by people there. Surely this unique gift will bring full meaning and joy to the giver.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops are a type of flip flops derived from Japanese Zori sandals. In the past, Flip Flops was made of wood, straw, papyrus, and now you can buy shoes made from a variety of materials such as rubber, leather, plastic, and metal.

Flip Flops are a type of flip flops derived from Japanese Zori sandals

Each material will bring its color tone and style. These sandals are considered a cool summer day outfit to help the wearer become more active, especially its design helps the legs are strong and full.


India is known for its unique variety of gift goods. So when you book a flight to India, you will have the opportunity to explore the world of unique jewelry items. In addition to the items suggested above, you can find and buy exotic jewelry handicrafts as gifts or souvenirs for your trip.

As can be seen, India has many unique products that show off the quintessence of national beauty and historical depth. Visitors should shop for a few meaningful gifts as gifts for their loved ones after their trip to this country.