Cultural features you should know before travelling in India (Part 2)

The unique culture of India

Contrary to customary culture in some other countries. The characteristic of Indian culture is manifested by the traditional rituals of weddings. In India the bride’s family will bring the dowry uncle’s family to show off the ritual in the traditional wedding ceremony here.

The groom’s family often demands dowry which includes large sums of money, pets, furniture, and electronic devices, leading to the fact that more and more girls in India have difficulty marrying.

When the number of dowries is not enough, the bride is often harassed, abused and lived in misery. Abuse of the bride can culminate when the future husband or the husband’s family burns the bride alive.

Although the laws in India severely punish murderers for dowry, however, it is rare for people to be convicted by judges (usually men) who often do not care about the case. It can be said that this is a traditional culture in India that contains a lot of customs, nowadays, the society that develops these customs is gradually fading away, still appearing in many rural areas in India. Degrees

Communicative Culture

In the culture of communication in India, it is considered impolite for you to shake hands too hard in India. In the north (like Delhi), when he clasped his hands together in front of his chest, bowed slightly and said: Namaste J is considered to take others very seriously. And should not shake hands of women.

Indians are very skeptical and often pay attention from the beginning to judge others. They often talk about family. Do not be surprised when Indians meticulously know about your family, whether you are married or not, whether or not your child is married, how old is your spouse this year.

Cricket is always a suitable topic for every contact with Indians because it is a very popular sport in this country.

Hours of Wisdom

Indians are not punctual, but an hour late can happen, especially knowing you need something from them. However, if you have an appointment with an Indian, you should arrive at your appointment on time because it is still considered impolite to be late.

Traveling to India, tourists not only can explore the tourist attractions in India but also learn about the unique traditional culture here. So what are you waiting for, explore for yourself the unique cultural features in India when traveling to India, you will definitely not regret your decision.