Things you need to know when traveling to India for the first time

Those who are planning to travel to India should refer to the following article. This is all the information from Indian culture, cuisine, and communication that you need to know. Sometimes, even this useful information will help you get rid of unnecessary troubles.

Food and drink

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when coming to India is food and drink, because the quality of hygiene and safety is not absolute. By saying that, however, you give up on the country’s fascinating street food like peeled fruits and cooked food. If drinks are careful, you should drink bottled water and not ice.


India has quite hot and humid weather, but not for that reason you are allowed to wear too revealing and cool clothes. Instead, wear polite pants that are over knee length, a shirt that can cover shoulders and arms.

The proper and historical way of dressing is also a way of showing respect for Indian culture. In addition, long clothes and towels also help you combat the burning sun here.

Besides, tourists should note to remove shoes before entering the temple or sacred place. However, visitors should wear socks because the floor under the harsh sunlight can burn your feet. Visitors travelling in India should dress respectfully, especially young girls.

Sexual assault

Although the beautiful country has many interesting things, Indian tourism makes many people worry, especially women because the situation of sexual assault is very alarming. Therefore, if you want to travel to India safely, you should dress discreetly and prepare some safeguard measures or have a companion, absolutely not going alone.

Showing affection in public

India is an ancient and mysterious Eastern country, so showing men and women outwardly is a disregard for others or insults Gods. So if couples think carefully before showing affection in public because these actions are often not welcome in India.